Compliance Influencer

Online Program followed by VIP retreat in Rome with Bettina Palazzo

Turn your colleagues into fans!


You work in Ethics & Compliance and you feel fed up and stuck in your role as the “sales prevention team”, the “organizational nagger” and “snoozefest” of the company, but you have no idea how to change that?


You know that you need to communicate better and more often on your compliance & ethics program, but every time you want to finally start, something urgent comes up – an investigation, a policy review, a board meeting? So frustrating!


You spend days drafting a new policy, getting the executive team on board, writing an email to everybody and then nobody reads it?

You are not alone!

As a classic cross-functional role that needs to make sure that people play by the rules, it is hard to win everybody’s whole-hearted cooperation.

Nobody wants to be told what to do – especially if they need to focus on their business targets and are already short of time.
Most compliance professionals have not learned how to “sell” or feel uncomfortable about marketing their work.

Without the proper mindset, practical tools and an easy to implement plan, you do not know where to start, feel overwhelmed and the pressure of daily business always wins.

Hello, I am Bettina Palazzo,

I have worked with compliance professionals for 25 years. I know that without the right communication strategy even the best Ethics & Compliance program will not win your people’s hearts and minds and will keep you stuck in feeling overworked and undervalued.

I learned that what actually keeps compliance professionals from finally taking control of their internal communication is that

  • they do not think that communication is a priority, if the compliance program is good.
  • they think that there is nothing you can do about their unpopular position in the company – it just comes with the role.
  • they became used to the frustration of not being heard and valued and are secretly proud of being the lone compliance hero.
  • they postpone until they will have finished that urgent investigation, reviewed the Code of Conduct or have a new CEO …. and guess what that moment never comes!

It does not have to be that way!

I developed the “Compliance Influencer” program in which you will get the right tools, learn to apply them step by step and exchange with your peers.

As your guide in this process, I bring a unique combination of skills and experience:

  • I have always focused on the leadership, behavior, and culture dimension of Ethics & Compliance. A purely legalistic vision alone will never make compliance communication convincing and engaging.
  • I have years of experience in using fun and interactive methods that aim at involving employees and managers.
  • I am also a seasoned university lecturer and a prolific writer. I enjoy working with language that reaches people.

The „Compliance Influencer“ Program will show you how you can set up an attractive, engaging and impactful communication strategy in just 5 weeks and become an influencer for E&C in your company that people trust and want to hear from.

These are the results you will get from this program


Finally, you have the toolbox that makes it easy to immediately implement a communication strategy for E&C that will make your hard work more visible, efficient and valued.


No more people whose eyes glaze over as soon as they hear E&C, because you know how to talk about compliance in a way that will make them want to know more.


No more sleepless nights because you struggle to explain your complex topics in an easy to understand and engaging way.


Imagine that people in your company look forward to receiving information from compliance, because they find it interesting, useful and enriching.


Getting support and inspiration through networking and exchanging ideas with other compliance professionals who have the same challenges as you.

What people say about working with me:

“Bettina brings color and energy to ethics management. With contagious enthusiasm she applies her unique skills and knowledge to turn ethics into a topic that everybody wants to contribute to.”
Gabrielle Kluck, Director, Office of the Ombudsman and Mediation Services, WFP

“Bettina Palazzo, the “Grande Dame” of Business Ethics! The way she creates discussions and shares her insights is always helpful and inspiring. Thanks to her I understood the role of communication for compliance professionals in a whole different way.”
Alexandra Hespeler, Global Policy Coordinator

“Bettina guided us through a well-structured and easy to implement process to improve our internal communication on Ethics & Compliance. This has been a real game changer for us!”
Chief Compliance Officer at a Swiss energy company

“Thanks to Bettina’s vast expertise combined with her warm and refreshing style to lead through the sessions everyone feels welcome to share their own experiences. Such a boost of fresh energy!”
Viviane Gehri, Head Ethics, Risk & Compliance, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals

This is what is included in the Compliance Influencer Program
(starting Sep 4th) and the followed VIP retreat in Rome :


a 5-week “get-it-done” sprint towards your winning Compliance Communication Strategy


Five weekly 60 minutes live online Workshops via Zoom (recorded)


Access to my learning platform the “Ethics Gym” on Mentortools (GDPR compliant)


Weekly 60 min Q&A live group sessions via Zoom (recorded)


The compliance Influencer workbook with weekly tasks


Self-study Videos with additional task and methods


A community platform on Mentortools where you can exchange with your peers, ask questions and get feedback from myself and the group.

2-Day VIP Live workshop in Rome
(7. – 8. November 2023)


Mastermind Circle: Exchange and peer coaching


Feedback on your communication plan and activities


Active Listening and difficult conversations role plays


How to win your executive team for ethical leadership


And, of course…Explore some of the most breath-taking locations and sites of the World (think: art, beauty, food – I lived in Rome for a year – I know all the best places!)