Palazzo Ethics Advisory

Business Ethics
that lifts you up!

Dr. Bettina Palazzo

  • You want that the men and women in your organization to buy into your Ethics and Compliance Management with enthusiasm?
  • You want that they see Compliance as something helpful and important and not as an annoying duty that keeps them from the doing their job?
  • I shake up ethics and compliance by focusing on the gray zones of ethical decision-making and the psychological dynamics that lead to unethical behavior.
  • I show you how to define company values that truly inspire.
  • I help you develop codes of conduct that really guide your coworkers in difficult situations and
  • I train your leaders how to be credible ethical role models.

I help you to turn ethics and compliance into an interactive and engaging activity that people want to be part of.
…and all of this can be done in German, French, English and Italian.

What my clients say about me:

“Bettina has the rare talent of combining solid academic insight with a hands-on and creative approach on how to advance business ethics in practice. I was particularly impressed with Bettina’s capacity of providing a very structured and critical thought process and at the same time being encouraging, fun, and full of fresh ideas. “

Manager from Swiss Watch and Jewelry Company

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Ethics makes happy

My Vision

For me unethical business makes people unhappy. The desire to create corporate cultures that make work fun and meaningful instead of dreadful and depressing drives everything I do.


Company values are often orgies of humanistic prose on glossy paper: too general, far away from reality and without a real link to everyday work.

Code of Conduct

I help you develop a Code of Conduct that reflects the real-life compliance issues of your company, is a pleasure to read and gives your coworkers hands-on guidance through the headaches and challenges of ethical decision-making.


I will show your leaders that ethics and compliance is not something that is boring, potentially dangerous and a hassle that keeps them from doing business, but an important leadership skill that will help them grow and be more effective leaders.

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