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“Our Compliance Management is just another layer of red tape. We are all ethical people with values and know ourselves, what is right or wrong!“

Have your heard this before?

I will show your leaders that ethics and compliance is not something that is boring, potentially dangerous and a hassle that keeps them from doing business, but an important leadership skill that will help them grow and be more effective leaders.

Of course, most of us are ethical people. However, the shocking lesson we learn from recent scandals is that persons with a high level of integrity who are put into a high-pressure context will probably misbehave. The ethical dimension of their decision making is removed from their radar screen. They do the wrong thing but can’t see it.
This phenomenon has been called “ethical blindness” and is based on the cutting-edge research of three management professors at the University of Lausanne: Guido Palazzo, Ulrich Hoffrage and Franciska Krings.
Ethical Blindness Trainings have worked as an eye-opening experience for managers in Europe, the USA and Asia, because it makes them realize that THEY play a make-or-break part in the creation of a climate that allows coworkers to stay in sync with the ethical dimension of their decisions.

“We’re receiving incredibly positive feedback for this, so I wanted to let you know that “ethical blindness” is on its way to become part of Siemens business language”.

Siemens Manager

Want to know more?

Check out the Coursera course “Unethical Decision-Making in Organizations” by Guido Palazzo und Ulrich Hoffrage.
Or speak to me to find out how to customize my training and consulting formats on «Ethical Blindness» for your organization.

Speak-up Training

Before a big corporate scandal erupts, some, if not many people in the company knew about the ongoing ethical and legal problems for quite a long time. Why did they not speak up?
In my speak-up training participants learn

  • how they can create a speak-up culture where it is safe and worth-while to openly discuss sensitive issues,
  • how they can lead a speak-up conversation that creates trust and
  • how they can speak-up themselves without risking their job or career.
Speak-up Training - Bettina Palazzo

Want to learn more?
Check out my Speak-Up blog post series: Link

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